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6 Tips for Flying with a Toddler

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A few weeks back you may remember that Isabella and I took a trip to NJ for a long weekend. You can read that post here. She has flown  a few times and did the absolute best this time around! I’ve compiled 6 tips for flying with a toddler below to help ease your anxiety!


Bring sanitizing spray and wipes




Traveling can get messy….real messy and the germs are plentiful. We love to use Raise Them Well kid-safe non-toxic sanitizing spray for everything. You can’t tell a kid not to eat off of their tray table…spills happen. Spray down the tray first and let them at it. Another great item we pack is NeatCheeks. These are all natural face and hand wipes that are sweetened to make cleaning up your toddler a little less insane. I’m not sure about your kids, but mine hate to be cleaned up….and hate to be messy. Go figure.

Shop Products on Amazon: Sanitizing Spray, Peach Wipes, and Original NeatCheeks.


Bring lots of entertainment in your carry-on bag. But do NOT break it out all at once. Slowly give one thing at a time. We love Crayola Mess Free Coloring, the activity packets from the Target Dollar Spot, sticker books (as long as the stickers aren’t all around my house I don’t care!), and an iPad or tablet. Be sure to download movies and games to the device before you leave as you may have trouble connecting to wi-fi. We did bring Isabella’s tablet with her PawdPet carrier.


FullSizeRender (2)

PawdPet is an adorable, cuddly friend who can hold your tablet or phone in its back pocket and on its belly when in use. Its back pocket is perfect for protecting the device and securing with a button. There is a shoulder strap so your little one can carry their furry friend around leaving you with a lighter load. The magnetic strip attaches to the back of the tablet or phone to securely hold onto your pet. We chose Eukie, the lovable koala, but there are 4 friends total for you to choose from! Be sure to bring kid headphones too!!

Shop Products on Amazon: Crayola Mess Free products, PawdPet, Amazon Kindle Fire – Kids, Headphones


Snack Happens








Snacks, snacks, and more snacks…but not junk. Sugary treats will likely have your child high-strung and running wild on the airplane which other passengers and flight attendants won’t appreciate. We always have fruit/veggie pouches tucked in our diaper bag and was sure to pack a few in the carry-on. Itzy Ritzy Snack Happens bags are perfect to throw fresh fruit and other dry snacks into! You can even pack your toddler’s crayons in this little zipper pouch.  Wet or dry it’s the perfect little organizer for your carry-on bag.

Shop Products on Amazon: Snack Happens Reusable Snack bags









My girl travels with comfort in mind! She doesn’t sleep without her favorite blanket, so it was packed in the carry-on bag in the hopes she may decide to nap on the plane. (She didn’t of course) We also brought along her travel pillow. Amazon has some really adorable pillows available that I’ve linked below. She didn’t ended up using it that much but when she wasn’t using it, I was so really its a good item to have.

Shop Products on Amazon: Toddler Travel Pillow


No matter what stage your child is in….bring a back-up change of clothes! I can’t stress this enough. You never know what kind of mishaps may happen along the way. For instance, on the way home from our trip we were waiting for our luggage to come off the belt and Isabella decided that was when she urgently needed to go potty. We just missed but thankfully had a change of clothes tucked securely in our Itzy Ritzy Travel Happens sealed wet bag.

Shop Products on Amazon: Travel wet/dry bag


FullSizeRender (1)

This can be considered optional…only because I forgot my carrier this last trip and we survived. However, I was planning on taking my Infantino Mei Tai Carrier to carry Isabella on my back so I would have free hands for luggage. We lucked out big time and there always seemed to be people offering help as we made our way through the airports. But the last time we flew with the kids it was at night and Isabella definitely didn’t want to walk through the airport so daddy carried her on his back.

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Are there any tips that work for you that I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments section! 



Friday 5th of August 2016

Great tips! Especially the entertainment and snacks!


Thursday 4th of August 2016

I flew with Reef when he was 2 months from Hawaii to Connecticut by myself... but that doesn't compare to traveling with a toddler!! lol that is a whole different ballgame :) These tips are GREAT and spot on!!


Thursday 4th of August 2016

Traveling with a toddler can be so stressful! I love the comfort tips!


Thursday 4th of August 2016

Great tips, I will be referencing these soon!

Thursday 4th of August 2016

Thanks Lisa!

Jenni Laplow

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016

Great tips! I am a momma who overthinks about packing, so this is an easy list for me to follow :) I pinned myself a reminder!

Thursday 4th of August 2016

Oh great!! Thanks so much! I'm glad I could offer some help!

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