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Home and DIY blogger, Jaclyn Quinones, runs Crazy Life with Littles.

Hey there! I’m Jacki, a proud mom of two amazing kids and a loving wife. As a believer in living within our means, I’ve embraced a budget-friendly lifestyle that allows our family to enjoy the simple pleasures of life without breaking the bank.

When I’m not busy being a mom, I channel my creativity into DIY projects and home decor. I love finding affordable ways to transform our living spaces, making them cozy and inviting. Whether it’s upcycling furniture, creating handmade crafts, or discovering budget-friendly home improvement hacks, I’m always up for a fun project!

But more than just sharing my love for DIY and home decor, I’m here to encourage you to unleash your creativity and create a beautiful life on a budget. Together, we’ll explore practical tips, tricks, and inspiration to make the most of what we have and infuse our homes with style and personality.

Join me on this journey as we navigate the joys and challenges of motherhood, share budget-friendly ideas, and uplift one another. Let’s support each other in building warm, welcoming spaces and fostering a positive and encouraging community along the way!

Follow along for DIY hacks, home decor ideas, budgeting tips, and a whole lot of mom life inspiration. Let’s make magic happen, one budget-friendly project at a time!

My writing has been featured on Scary Mommy Tampa Bay Parenting, and The Home Depot Blog and we’re proud to have collaborated with #DisneyKids on several occasions!

What can you expect to read about? Easy home decor and DIY projects simple DIY kids activities.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions please  EMAIL me! I love getting mail!


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