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Baby Checklist: The First Years

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As you may have read on the blog recently or saw on Instagram if you follow us, Gabriel has started his journey into toddlerhood. This means packing up some of our baby items we used for him. Which got me thinking…there are so many posts out there on what you need to add to your baby registry, why not throw my two cents in! We definitely weren’t over the top with what we actually used and most things were used for both kids saving us a good chunk of money.


Swaddle, Swaddle, Swaddle

Both of my babies needed to be swaddled in order to sleep. It’s very comforting to them and mimics the womb. Being born is traumatizing! They both stayed swaddled in the SwaddleMe until they started to roll over. The startle reflex was still strong so we transitioned into the Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit with Isabella and the Zipadee-Zip with Gabriel. There was no other reason for not using the Magic Sleepsuit with Gabriel other than I found something different that I wanted to try.



It’s a game changing, lifesaver. I didn’t do it nearly as much as I should have with Isabella, but it’s my go-to with Gabriel. You can get so much more accomplished with baby wearing. Babies cry a lot and want to be held a lot. You’re probably going to be thinking about all the things you should be getting done, but instead you’re holding your baby. Well guess what….hold your baby. They won’t want it forever. The things can wait. But if they can’t wait…babywear! Babywear in the shower, babywear while vacuuming (noise puts them to sleep!), babywear while making dinner, babywear while shopping. The possibilities are endless, my friends. These are my 2 faves: Ergo for every day use and Beachfront Baby for summer wearing in the heat, pool, and beach. (Check out the full Beachfront Baby babywearing review here. )

14176499Fisher Price Rock ‘n’ Play

We were able to use the same one for both Isabella and Gabriel. Of course by the time we had Gabriel they came out with a high tech one that rocks itself and plays sounds/music. Isabella got the most use out of the RNP for lounging and when she was sick. The angle of it helps babies with acid reflux and stuffy noses. Gabriel’s reflux seemed a little worse as a newborn so he actually used it to sleep for the first 4 months. (This is not recommended by the manufacturer.)



The next 3 items are for bottle/formula feeding parents. Let’s be real…there are many reasons a mother may choose not to or be able to breastfeed. Fed is best.

Dr. Brown’s Bottles – Used these bottles for both Isabella and Gabriel. They work great for reducing gas/colic. They may have several pieces to clean, but if it works you deal with it. I always suggest to my friends to start off with a few 4 oz bottles, but more of the 8oz- like as many bottles as they’ll take throughout the day. There will be hard days when you and baby will spend most of the time on the couch. You don’t want to have to worry about cleaning every bottle after every use. Also good for if your baby goes to daycare and you have send pre-made bottles.

Nuby Bottle to Cup – You may have read my review of the Nuby Bottle to Cup here. These are great for 6+ months when you introduce a sippy cup and start to transition off of the bottle.

Baby Brezza – It’s the Keurig for babies and will save your life when you’re fumbling in the dark making a bottle…wait how many scoops did you just put in there?! This machine works with basically any formula. We had to use a prescription formula that wasn’t listed in the instruction booklet that came with it, but contacted the company directly for the appropriate setting. You simply add powder to the top canister, fill the reservoir with distilled water, select your ounces, and push start. In less than 30 seconds a warm prepared bottle is born. Cleaning is as simple as removing the spout, washing with warm soapy water and popping back on. Available on Amazon and in Target stores.


For the first few months, babies will eat, sleep, cry and repeat. They don’t NEED very many items, just you. If you know me personally, you know I’m thrifty. A couple of the items we did use were pricey, but worth every.single.penny.

Record the Memories

And last, but not least…You HAVE to document the milestones. It’s like a rule when you become a parent. Now if you’re like me, you get the baby book at your shower and it magically disappears and probably won’t find it again until you either move or the kids move out. I found these awesome Milestone Baby cards that are great for remembering your babies and toddlers milestones. You’re going to take a picture anyway. Throw in the card and you’ll always remember when it happened and why the heck you took that picture. (Mom brain is real.) You can find these cards on Milestone Baby’s website and Amazon.


The great thing about Milestone Baby cards is that they have a set for every season.

♥ Original Baby Cards (and a Twins version!) for baby’s first year

♥Pregnancy and Newborn

♥Original Toddler Cards (ages 1-4)

♥Original Activity Cards (First trip to the Beach, First time at the Library…)

♥Original Wedding Cards great for capturing your big day (ex: Today I said YES to the dress, Today we went Cake Testing…)

I’m excited to go through the Toddler deck with both Isabella and Gabriel. Here are just a couple we took recently with Isabella.

Small Shop Feature: Erin Napoli Designs – Crazy Life with Littles

Wednesday 6th of July 2016

[…] up some of the baby items we used for Gabriel. One of those items was the Baby Brezza (seen on my Baby Checklist: The First Years post). There was no time like the present to use that free space for an essential coffee bar. This […]

Nicole Banuelos

Wednesday 6th of July 2016

YES, LOVED the Rock n' Play for my kids!! Love your list and will definitely send any new mama's to be to read it. xo

Chelsea McKinney

Friday 1st of July 2016

Great list! I used the first three items with Adalynn and totally agree with you. She was/is breastfed so I can't speak to the formula stuff. And as for the milestone cards, so cute! Might have to check into those if/when baby number two comes along!


Friday 1st of July 2016

I'm so in love with those milestone baby cards! Wish I would have known about them when Lily was first born!


Friday 1st of July 2016

Oh yea girl! Go get them! They're adorable!! I love that you agree with these things too!!

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