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DIY Custom Closet Shelf, Part 1: The Plan

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Here we are in 2023 with the first DIY project!

While I have accomplished a few small, general home organizational type projects in the first week of January, this is the first DIY project to kick off the new year. I actually started planning this project out a bit last month knowing it would have to wait till after all of the holiday fun was over and school was back in session.

Closet Before
Closet Before

I’m excited to get back to it, so let’s go!!

Part 1: The Shelf Plan

I’ve done my fair share of closet renovations from adding faux floating shelves to complete overhaul’s like my son’s closet/built-in desk area. Every closet should be customized based on needs.

#fauxshelves #wireshelving #diyhack how to cover your existing wire shelving with faux floating shelves, renter friendly diy home project

Once I had measurements and a rough sketch of the closet, for the first step in the planning of the custom closet shelf I used to lay out the plan. This free woodworking software by Ana White allows you to configure the project by inputting the overall dimension of the closet or shelf that you want to build.

Next I used CutList Optimizer is an application used for panel cutting optimization. It generates optimized cutting patterns based on the available stock sheets by nesting the required parts. Once I entered the dimensions of each of my pieces along with the size of my stock sheet, Cutlist Optimizer generated the layout and I cut my pieces accordingly. So much less waste! I mean, scrap wood is nice for quick and easy projects but less waste is even better!! gives five free calculations per day.

Next up I will be sanding, staining, and installing. Stay tuned for part 2 which will include a video tutorial!