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DIY Dollar Tree Snow Globes: A Magical Craft for Kids!

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Embark on a festive crafting journey with your kids by creating enchanting snow globes using Dollar Tree supplies! In this blog post, we’ll guide you through a fun and simple process that turns ordinary toy figurines into whimsical winter scenes. Let’s dive into the magic of crafting your own snow globes with affordable materials from Dollar Tree.


Snow Globe Crafting Steps

Choose Your Figurines:

Begin your snow globe adventure by selecting your favorite toy figurines. Whether it’s Buzz and Woody from Toy Story or LEGO mini figures, the Dollar Tree toy aisle is a treasure trove for your crafting escapade.

Assemble Your Supplies:

Gather your chosen figurines and additional supplies from Dollar Tree. You’ll need faux snow, miniature bottle brush trees, tiny gift packages, and, of course, your selected toy characters. These budget-friendly items will set the stage for your snow globe masterpiece.

Hot Glue Faux Snow:

Securely attach faux snow to the bottom of the snow globe using hot glue. This forms the snowy base for your miniature winter wonderland.

Create a Winter Scene:

Arrange the miniature bottle brush trees, gift packages, and toy characters within the globe. Let your creativity shine as you design a charming scene that captures the essence of the season.

Add Water and Faux Snow:

Fill the globe with water and sprinkle in additional faux snow for that perfect wintry effect. For an extra touch of magic, consider adding a drop of glycerin or baby oil (optional) to enhance the snowfall effect within the globe.

Other Creative Ideas:

LEGO Mini Figures or Mini Blocks:

Mix it up by using LEGO mini figures or encouraging your kids to build a mini house with tiny blocks for a unique and personalized touch.

Gift Card Surprise:

Skip the water and include a gift card within the globe for a delightful surprise. This creative twist turns your snow globe into a memorable and functional gift.

Personalized Photo Inside:

Laminate a cherished photo and place it inside the globe for a sentimental touch. Watch as your snow globe becomes a unique keepsake.

Crafting Dollar Tree snow globes is not only a delightful activity but also a magical way to usher in the holiday season. Gather your supplies, involve the kids, and let your creativity soar as you transform simple figurines into whimsical winter scenes. Get ready for a crafty adventure full of joy and enchantment!