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DIY Drip Irrigation System

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This past week I finally set up the drip irrigation system for our front landscaping. This system took a total of 20 minutes to set up and is going to save me so much time this spring and summer season!

Once summer hits in Florida, the heat gets so bad I find myself wanting to spend less and less time outdoors – even in the early morning hours. I originally chose heat tolerant plants for the landscaping, but they still need to be watered daily, if not twice a day sometimes.

This drip irrigation system is the one I used.

Because our hose hookup is on the side of the house, I had to add a short hose extension. While I was at it, I attached a 2-way hose splitter and a manual timer.

The system is actually very simple to set up with your hose. Once you attach the manifold to your hose, you have access to 12 ports to add 1/4 inch tubing. This system comes with 100 feet of tubing, so you just need to set the manifold in a position that makes sense for your landscaping.

I did end up purchased another 100 feet of tubing. This particular item is much more stiff than what comes in the kit. Using hot water on the end of the tubing will help it become more pliable to attach to the manifold and drip emitters.

If you don’t need all 12 of the ports, add a small piece of tubing and plug with the included caps. Easy peasy!

I’m excited to start adding in annuals to the landscaping that is currently here. Now that the drip irrigation is in place, I can lay fresh black mulch which will disguise all the tubing.