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DIY Drywall Texture

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Our primary bathroom renovation seems to be on a 5 year plan, but we’re finally tackling the door replacement repairs. I’ve not had good luck using wall texture spray in the past, so I’ve found an easy DIY technique to patching our knockdown drywall texture.

Originally, there was a pocket door that led into the bathroom from the primary bedroom. We didn’t love the function of the door plus it didn’t fit with the renovation design. We removed the pocket door and replaced it with a solid core door. Due to sizing, we were left with a small area to drywall and patch.

If you’ve used those spray cans of drywall texture before chances are you’ve also run into problems. They’re also pricey and typically can’t be saved over time. After some research and testing, I figured out how to DIY our knockdown texture using the joint compound I already had out from patching the drywall.

DIY Drywall Texture

These are the supplies I used for this project:

First, put your joint compound on something you can use a roller with – mud pan, paint roller pan, paper plate, etc.

Load up your nap roller with joint compound and slowly roll onto the wall. Roll in different directions to get the desired texture.

If you have minimal wall texture, you may be able to stop at this step. For our knockdown texture, I used a balled up piece of aluminum foil to dap onto the wet mud. This will create those large peaks needed.

Wait for the joint compound to dry a bit – 10 to 15 minutes. Gently glide the knockdown knife over the texture in different directions to mimic the existing knockdown.

Repeat the steps as needed to match the current wall texture. A sanding sponge can be used to soften any harsh textured areas.

Now you can prime and paint!

Finally complete!