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Low Maintenance Driveway Landscape

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Living in Florida, we have a TON of sand. That sand usually was tracked into our cars. I decided to add a stone border to our driveway for a really easy, low maintenance landscape solution.

We’ve been adding to our curb appeal this summer majorly. Check out this before and after!

We removed the short cinderblock wall and columns and replaced it with a front porch. Mulch beds with ti plants and crotons were added for a bit of color without all the maintenance.

Our next step was to add a border on each side of the driveway not just to give it a finished look, but spare our cars from sand and our feet from ant hills.

Low Maintenance Driveway Landscape

First I removed what little grass we had and leveled it out.

A heavy duty landscape fabric was laid and secured with staples and this rubber landscape edging.

This edging is a bit of a splurge, but is made to last and not require much maintenance.

Once all the edging was in I headed to our local stone yard and ordered 1.5 tons of gray granite stone.

We had it delivered and I set to work putting it in place. I tamped the stone with a hand tamper to compact it down.

Next I added these outdoor brick solar paver lights. They lay flush with the stone and provide such a pretty light at night.

This mulch glue was the real MVP of the project. For just about $30 a gallon, I was able to spray the glue down using a garden sprayer over the rocks to keep them from shifting around.