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9 Fall Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Autumn has finally arrived, and the weather is starting to cool down, the leaves are changing color, and we’re all starting to feel the urge to curl up under fleece blankets and spend a little more time indoors. During the fall months, we spend more time inside and start creating a welcoming and warm space. When you’re decorating your home for fall, you might not think about the bedroom. However, giving your bedroom a nice autumn refresh can give your bedroom, guest room, or even your child’s room a nice update for the fall months. Here are a few of my favorite fall decor ideas for your bedroom.

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How to Bring Fall into the Bedroom with Decor

Bring in a warm autumn palette

Autumn tones tend to be more pale shades of rusty orange, chestnut, and shades of burgundy. Incorporate a few of those autumn tones into your existing decor to give your bedroom an almost fall foliage look without adding leaves to your space. Wicker pieces are another way to bring in a warm autumn palette with the use of decor.

Add warm blankets to the bed

In most places, the fall months mean that the weather starts to drop, and we begin to feel that crisp fall air in the morning. To help add a layer of comfort to your bedroom, and keep you extra warm and cozy on those chilly fall mornings, add some seasonal throw blankets to the bed. Add a chunky knit throw or an oversized blanket onto the foot of your bed for a cozy look and additional warmth during cold nights.

Light some candles and create some ambiance

There is nothing that makes a space feel more relaxing than having the room lit by candlelight. Candles are a great way to add a cozy atmosphere to your space on a small budget, but with something that will make a significant impact. Pillar candles and tiny tealights can help light up your space with soft lighting and give your room that cozy lighting.

Add touches of fall to your existing decor

If you don’t want to go out and buy a new duvet with each season or are looking for a lighter touch of fall in your bedroom, consider adding accent pieces to your bedroom to incorporate fall decor. For example, a cable knit throw added to a blanket ladder, a decorative pumpkin, and an orange throw pillow can give you that cozy fall look with just a few decorative items in your room.

Incorporate some natural elements into your decor

Natural accents such as wood are great for decorating your bedroom for the fall. Adding some wooden decorations or candles to your space can provide that touch of nature to your bedroom and give you that cozy outdoorsy feel. Even a few branches of burnt red leaves can be an elegant touch to your nightstand. Corn husks are another great way to add natural elements to your space for the fall.

When in doubt, add some pumpkins

One of the easiest ways to bring fall to your home is by incorporating pumpkin and pumpkin decor pieces into your space. Small pumpkins can be arranged throughout your room as accents, while larger pumpkins can be used to create a staple piece on a shelf or even on the floor. However, if you are using real pumpkins, remember not to carve them! They don’t work well inside and will end up rotting before you’ve even reached Halloween.

Add some patterns using plaid and stripes

Plaid prints and stripes are a great way to change up your space for the fall months. When paired with the plaid and stripes, those warm autumn colors will give off big fall vibes and make them pop! This will give your space that cozy fall feels and incorporate some patterns into an otherwise bland space.

Hang a wreath

Add natural fall colors to your space by incorporating them into a wreath! You can hang a wreath on your door, above your bed, or even on the windows! This is a great way to dress up windows, bare walls, and give your home a festive fall look. Check out these beautiful fall wreaths made with Dollar Tree supplies.

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Create your own leaf art

Collect fallen leaves or make your own from fabric and other materials and make them into beautiful pieces of art for your walls. This can be a way to incorporate natural elements and display beautiful fall colors within a space. You can even Mod Podge white pumpkins with pressed leaves to incorporate the perfect natural fall elements into your home!

It’s important to make your bedroom space reflect a comfortable atmosphere that you enjoy spending time in. After all, this is the first thing you see when you get out of bed in the morning! Hopefully, these inspiring ideas and fantastic tips will help you start making your own bedroom for fall.