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Home Purging: What to sell; What to Donate; and How Often

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Do you ever feel like your stuff is controlling your life? You spend so much time buying things, organizing those things, and then on top of all that; you have to work to pay for all the things you bring into your home! Clutter can weigh us down and even start to smother us. While I think we all know deep down that stuff can’t fix our problems, we’ve all collected a few impulse buys or things we don’t need over the years. Whatever reason you have for holding on to these items, it is time to start letting those things go once and for all! Here is a guide to purging your home of clutter. I’m going to show you how to begin ruthlessly purging your home and finally become clutter-free.

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Tips for purging your home

When it comes to purging your home, you can do so many different things to help declutter your space. Here are some of my best tips for purging your home:

  • Stop letting clutter into your home: Stop the flow of clutter to your home to end the cycle.
  • Establish rules or limits on how many things you can own in a set category.
  • If you haven’t used something in 6 months to a year, it’s not bringing value to your life.
  • Get rid of duplicate items: This could include things like spare spatulas, having too many cups that are similar, etc.
  • Be honest about how often you use things.
  • Use a maybe box for items you’re not sure of: For things that you’re not sure if you’ll need, get a box and put donate by X date on it. If you find that you’re missing those items, go in the box and get them. But when the date comes, anything still in the box gets automatically donated!

How often should you purge your home?

How often you should purge your home will be primarily based on how often your home needs to be purged. However, I find a few key ways to know that it’s time to start decluttering your home again.

  • Your “containers” are no longer containing the things you own in that category.
  • You are spending more time organizing a space than it’s worth.
  • Something doesn’t have a home in your home.

When you first start, you may need to do daily or even weekly purges to get your home under control. However, once you have a more simplified home, you may only need to do this once or twice a month at most.


Getting the clutter out of your home

After you have spent all that time removing clutter from your home, it’s time to get it out of the house. Of course, you want to do this as quickly as you can; otherwise, you might be tempted to bring those decluttered items back in your home.

What should you sell?

If you are in debt or are struggling with money, it can be hard to let those items go without any financial compensation. I’ve found that an excellent way to know if something is worth selling is to think about it at an hourly rate. How much time are you willing to spend trying to sell this item, and how much will you make when you do? For example, if it takes you two hours to sell a $10 item, your hourly rate is only $5 an hour! So, ask yourself if it’s worth going through all the trouble for $10.

If you’re looking for places to sell your items, here are some great places to check out:

  • Craigslist
  • Amazon Trade-in
  • Decluttr
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Close 5
  • ThredUP
  • Thrift stores


What should you donate?

If you are not going to sell something, but it’s not in bad condition, these are excellent items to donate. There are many places where you can donate gently used items and pass them along to someone who could use those items.

If you’re looking for a great place to donate your items, here are some suggestions:

  • Kids Foster Closets
  • Animal Shelters (blankets, towels, etc.)
  • Goodwill
  • Salvation Army
  • Women’s Shelter
  • Homeless Shelter
  • Ronald McDonald House (for food items)

 What should I throw away?

The most obvious things to throw away will be things like trash and other obvious receipts and papers you don’t need. But when it comes to things like dish towels and blankets, how do you know when it’s time to put them in the garbage instead of the donation bin? If something is looking rough and beyond repair (or has a stench), let it go!

Purging your home of clutter can be difficult, especially when you have sentimental attachments to your belongings. While this is not an easy process, it’s one that you feel a million times better for doing once it’s done! So, get out your trash bags and donation bins, and start tackling your home today.

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