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Rainbow Rice Toddler Sensory Activity

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Recently my 2 year old has started repeating commercials and her favorite cartoons. While this is adorable and even hilarious it just made me realize that she’s watching way more tv than I ever thought I’d allow before children. I know we’ve all said “my kids won’t do that” or “my kids won’t act like that” and then you have kids and they do act like that and do actually do those things. And then I remembered that Pinterest app I saved a ton of toddler activities and crafts on. Saturday was forecasted to be a rainy day, so I saved my chores for that day and with a little prepping had a toddler sensory activity to occupy my toddler. You can check out this post and my Pinterest board here for more ideas.

Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin, Toddler Activities, Rainy Day Activities

Rainbow Rice Toddler Sensory Activity


Large, clear plastic bin

• 10-15 lbs rice

• Food coloring

White vinegar

Gallon freezer bags (6)


1. Measure 5 cups of rice into each bag.

2. In a small cup, mix 3 tbsp vinegar with 30-40 drops of food coloring. I made 6 different colors: red, yellow, orange (10 drops of red & 30 drops of yellow), blue, green, and purple (10 drops of blue, 30 drops of red).

3. Pour mixture over your rice, seal and shake!

4. Open freezer bag to air out and dry overnight.

5. The next day, pour all the rice (I made a rainbow pattern) into your plastic bin and add whatever toys/gadgets you would like. I threw in some of her play kitchen toys (pot with lid, spoon, cup), cut up a smoothie straw, and regular measuring cups.

She was starting to give me a little attitude, so that’s when I put everything out for her. I called her and just when she was about to say something smart she noticed the bin and her face just lit up. She easily played there by herself for about an hour. I was able to put her brother down for a nap, clean up breakfast, and start tidying up the house. Mom win!!
Typically I stray away from activities that look messy. There’s enough of that going on in my house, but with a large sheet thrown down, clean-up was a breeze. I just popped the lid on the container and stored it away for another day.

Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin, Toddler Activities, Rainy Day Activities

Hope you and your littles enjoy!


Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin - Nicole Banuelos

Monday 20th of March 2017

[…] Want to make your own fun rainbow rice sensory bin?  I’ve linked the instructions for you here. […]

Shannan Panganiban

Thursday 16th of February 2017

My son would LOVE this!

Nicole Banuelos

Thursday 16th of February 2017

This is so much fun, my kids really enjoy doing this!

Stephanie Spor Gilbert

Thursday 16th of February 2017

Avery would dump the entire thing out lol. But maybe this could be a good opportunity to work on following directions! She would definitely love the bright colors.

Eryka Spera

Thursday 16th of February 2017

Love this! We are obsessed with sensory play!

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