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5 Laundry Room Must-Have Organizational Items

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The laundry room has a tendency to overflow with not just laundry, but clutter. These 5 must-have organizational items will help keep your laundry room organized and functional.

laundry room organization

We updated our laundry room not too long ago to create a space I didn’t DREAD going into. Let’s face it; laundry is not fun. Creating a pretty space helps.

Let’s get into the laundry room organization!

laundry room organization hacks

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Turntables are the most versatile and well-loved organizational item in my home. There are so many practical uses for these from fridge, pantry, beauty to laundry and cleaning supplies. One [MAJOR] bonus for me is they allow easy access without the need to rearrange the entire cabinet just to reach one item in the back. One spin and you’ve got what you’re looking for.

Laundry Sheet Dispenser

Not just functional, but adds to the aesthetic. Cardboard boxes get thrown around and crushed. Using a tissue dispenser keeps laundry sheets contained and accessible.


Jars in a variety of sizes work well for laundry detergents, scent boosters, fabric softener and more.

If you’re a bulk shopper, these will really come in handy versus having to lift a large container every time you do wash.

laundry room organization hacks

Lint Bin

This lint bin is magnetic and can easily be hung on the side of your appliances or even mounted to the wall. It’s super sturdy and compact to hold lint and small trash items.

Cord Wrappers

Cords from steamers and irons tend to get in the way when not contained. Clean the surface well and add an adhesive cord wrapper to your appliances to help save space.