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The 8-Step Solution to Pantry Organization

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Do you open your pantry to look for something only to find yourself standing there staring at a mess?

It doesn’t have to be that way! There are some great pantry organization tips that you can use to help keep everything right where you can see it and find it quickly. 

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Pantry Organization Tips

Use Clear Containers

Use clear plastic or glass storage containers to store cereal, chips, and dry good staples like flour, sugar, and rice in. This way you can see exactly what is in them, and how much you have left. This will also keep any pesky pantry pests out of your dry goods. 

how to organize your narrow pantry with clear stackable bins

Use a Shoe Organizer

It may seem a little strange, but over the door shoe organizers can be used for so much more than just shoes. Use them to store snacks, water flavor packets, spices, seasoning packets, and even produce. 

Use Lazy Susan’s

Are you tired of having to look through all of your sauce bottles to find the one that you are looking for? Then try adding a lazy Susan or two to your pantry, then all you have to do to find what you need is turn it. Lazy Susan’s can be perfect if you have deep corners in your pantry where things tend to hide. 

Use a Can Organizer

All cans look the same when you are looking down at them so why not get a can organizer so you can see exactly what you have in the pantry? There are several different types of can organizers that you can buy, and you can even use magazine holders. If you don’t want to spend any money, you can even make your own out of empty soda boxes. 

Sort By Category

Sort like items together, for example, pasta mixes, rice mixes, cake mixes, in a container or basket together so that you can find them easily instead of just tossing them on a pantry shelf. That way when you bring home groceries you know exactly where to put them, and when it is time to make dinner you will know exactly where to find what you need. 

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Use All Your Space

Do you have a small amount of space available on the wall in your pantry before the shelves start? If so, this is a great place to store your spices, just get a small wire basket and velcro or command hooks and put them on the wall. If you already have your spices taken care of you can hang chip clips there, or get a sponge holder and velcro it to the wall and store seasoning packets or other small pantry staples there. 

Consider Adding Drawers

Shelves are great, but drawers are even better because you can pull them out and see exactly what is in them. Consider adding a few pull-out drawers to your pantry, they aren’t very expensive and you can install them yourself. 

Use the Top Shelf

It may not be practical to put things that you use regularly on the top shelf of your pantry but it is a great place to store items that you don’t need often up there. Appliances that you don’t use very often or platters that you only use during the holidays can be safely tucked out of your way until you need it. 

These are just a few pantry organization tips that you can use to make your pantry more functional and make it look better too. It’s always nice to open your pantry and be able to find just what you need. Do you have any pantry organization tips to share?