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Sharpie Walls: DIY Sharpie Wallpaper Ideas You’ll Love

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When you want to makeover a room in your home, what do you think of first? If you’re anything like me, it’s the walls. Sure, there are other just-as-important elements to a room, but the walls are what you see first when you walk in.

Recently, I decided it was time to update a wall in our home and give it some personality. I thought about putting up wallpaper, but wallpaper is expensive and a major pain in the neck! Unfortunately, it’s a little more permanent than I wanted. Plus, our walls are textured, which is definitely not wallpaper friendly!

As I was looking for alternative ideas, I saw someone else use a technique of creating Sharpie Walls. That’s right…intentionally drawing on walls with Sharpie Paint Pens to create unique and affordable designs. Genius!

I was immediately intrigued and knew that’s what I wanted to do but looked further for more ideas to help me make my final decision. There are SO many amazing ideas out there, that I’m sharing some of my favorites with you – including the design I created on our wall!

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DIY Sharpie Walls: Fun and Affordable Sharpie Wallpaper Ideas

When it comes to Sharpie walls, I love that you can go traditional or whimsical, floral or geometric, simple or bold…all with your imagination and some drawing. Plus, it’s super affordable and easy to paint over when you want a change! 

Check out this list of DIY Sharpie Wallpaper designs to inspire you to try this technique yourself!

DIY Scalloped Accent Wall by Classy Clutter

DIY Scalloped Accent Wall | Classy Clutter

Gold scallops are simple and subtle, but very chic. For less than $10, you can also create a wall like this in your home.

DIY Custom Stenciled Wall by A Beautiful Mess

DIY Custom Stenciled Wall | A Beautiful Mess

When you want something unique, a Sharpie wall is a DIY solution that is very affordable and fun to create. Plus, since you aren’t dumping a ton of money into it, you won’t feel guilty about changing it a year or two down the road if you want.

Sharpie Paint Pen Arrows Wall by Preparing for Peanut

Sharpie Paint Pen Arrows Wall | Preparing For Peanut

If you want a design that requires precision, use stencils (or make your own!). However, one of the best things about Sharpie walls is that you can embrace the perfection of imperfection!

Gold Herringbone Patter by 4 Mean 1 Lady

Gold Herringbone Pattern | 4 Men 1 Lady

A herringbone pattern is timeless and classic. The hardest thing about creating a herringbone pattern is likely finding the time to do it. It’s very simple to make but will take some time to complete.

Sharpie Shiplap by Cloverlane

Sharpie Shiplap | Clover Lane

Love the look of shiplap? Me too! Using Sharpie markers is a clever way to add shiplap to your home without nailing into your wall or paying for all the planks.

Sharpie Circles by All Things with Purpose

DIY Wall Stencil | All Things With Purpose

I love colored markers on white backgrounds, but I also think the reverse looks just as amazing! Interlocking circles create another timeless pattern that you can use no matter what color scheme you choose.

#boysbedroom #superherobedroom #modernsuperhero #colorblock A modern boho color block wall in our son's superhero themed bedroom includes floating wall shelves, a puck light hack within a pendent light and other fun elements.

DIY Herringbone Sharpie Wall | Crazy Life With Littles

Here’s our design! For less than the cost (and hassle!) of wallpaper, I bought black paint to paint the lower portion of our wall and drew a herringbone pattern on the upper portion with black Sharpie Paint Pens. Easy and fun!

I hope this list of Sharpie walls inspired you to try your hand at creating a unique and affordable design like this in your home!