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Simple Fall Touches for the Home

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Transform your bedroom into a cozy haven for the fall season with these affordable and stylish decor ideas. From warm chenille throws to fragrant candles, discover how to create the perfect autumn ambiance without breaking the bank. Shop the look on Walmart today!

This post is sponsored by Walmart.

The coziest season of all has to be fall. It’s that transition time between summer and winter where you just crave warmth, cozy textures and comfort foods. One room I feel should always pass the fall vibe check is your bedroom! So with that, here are my favorite ways to bring the season inside.

Subtle touches can completely transform and refresh a space with each new season.

Last winter, we completed the fireplace build in the primary bedroom. To expand on that and take advantage, I wanted to create a cozy seating area.

I shopped on Walmart to add warmth and texture through decor. First I added a camel striped woven chenille throw to the chair. This blanket is so cozy to throw over your lap while reading a book and also comes in 5 other colors.

cozy camel striped chenille oversized throw blanket in bedroom seating area

Next I added a few eucalyptus stems to a glass jar. This particular bundle contains 6 long stems. They’re pretty full looking so I only needed to add 3 stems to this vase.

To bring in the a warm ambiance, I placed a floor lamp behind the chair.

Lastly, when I think of fall, I think of all the yummy scents. The candle gives off a warm light and fills the room with an indulgent fragrance.

I love that with the help of Walmart, I’m able to bring in these warm, cozy accents with feeling overwhelmed or going over budget. You can shop all my finds on Walmart with the links below.

cozy seating area with accent chair in primary bedroom; fall bedroom decor