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9 Inexpensive + Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

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Are you looking for simple and inexpensive landscaping ideas for the front yard? All of these DIY landscaping ideas are fast and easy to do.

Before you invest a ton of money in hiring someone to give your landscape a redo, why not see what you can do on your own? With just a little bit of prep and research, you might be surprised at how simple it can be to give your yard a facelift.

Here are just a few simple and inexpensive landscaping ideas for the front yard that can take your space from good to great!

Use Concrete Blocks To Make Designs


Concrete blocks are cheap and can be purchased from anywhere. Many people use them to build a DIY fire pit, so why not take that thought process and create a fun focal point for your landscape as well.

You can easily create a uniform look around the trees in your yard, as well as line your walkway with a fun and unique look.

Add a Gravel Walkway To Your Front Door


Make sure that you find affordable gravel, as you can always go up in price. But if you look, there are ways to get cheap gravel that you can use to create a walkway in your yard.

If you want to get your kids involved, they can even add painted stepping stones to give it a more personalized look.

Update Your Mailbox

Don’t let your mailbox be an eyesore in your yard. You can change it up quickly by painting it or even adding a new mailbox post that is more updated or modern.

Plant Flowers Along the Curb

What better way to get better curb appeal than to dress up the curb? All you need to do is plant some beautiful bushes or flowers along the road to give your space a brand new look.

Make sure to plan it out so that they bloom during the summer months of the year. You can plant flowers as well that are already bloomed for a quick update fast.

Place Solar Lights Along the Walkway


The great thing about adding solar lights to your landscape is that they give off a beautiful glow during the evening hours of the day. This means that they’re fun to see during the daytime hours and shine their beauty at night. Solar lights aren’t expensive either, and they require minimal maintenance and upkeep since the sun is what charges them daily.

You can find inexpensive solar lights at The Dollar Tree if you’re on a tight budget.

Plant New Trees on Your Property

If you’re patient and willing to wait, you can get trees while they’re small and at an affordable price. While they might take a few years to mature, it’s a process that will only add a positive outcome to your front yard.

You can plant a variety of trees so that there are many different looks easily. You can even opt to plant fruit trees as long as you find trees that will grow in the zone that you live in.

Plant a New Flower Bed

Source: The Family Handyman

There is always room for a new flower bed to take place! Most people have their flower beds near their house, but you can always make it wherever you would like.

A fun and simple idea are to create a flower bed circling the base of a tree. This makes it a great way to water your tree and your flowers at the same time.

Make a DIY Bird Bath


If you’re creative and like to make new things, create a birdbath for the birds! They’ll love having their own space to gather and hang out, and you’ll love knowing that you just built it with your own two hands.

Some birdbaths are concrete, while others are made with leftover materials that can easily be reused and repurposed. So refrain from buying an expensive bird bath at the store and see what you can create instead.

Turn Your Front Yard Into a Small Garden

If the thought of mowing your front yard doesn’t sound all that appealing, why not create a garden space in that area instead? Having a front yard garden can be a super simple task that gives you plenty of yummy food.

Instead of trying to find a garden plot away from your house, you can choose a space right outside your front door that is fast and simple to maintain.

All of these simple landscaping ideas can be an affordable way to change the look and feel of your yard fast. None of these ideas cost a ton of money but can drastically change how you view your home.

First impressions matter, so why not have fun with creating a great first impression of your house?