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simple healthy make ahead lunches for the busy work week

Along with the new year, came a refresh to my eating habits and lifestyle. The start of a year is a great time to refresh your go-to meals and that’s just what I did. The holidays filled with sweets are way behind us and I’ve been striving towards incorporating more veggies and protein into my meals. Working out of the home and managing two little ones can get hectic. I tried to attempt a meal prep/planning day a while back and it just wasn’t feasible to expect to cook all day for the week and make time for my family. I started to simplify, but still create healthier meals by using pre-chopped veggies and protein like Tyson Grilled and Ready® Chicken. For those that may experience the same struggles, I’ve gathered a few of my favorite make-ahead lunch ideas to share with you!

Simple Make-Ahead Lunches

The following are some of my super simple make-ahead lunches that I can quickly grab from the fridge before heading off to work. Tyson Grilled and Ready® Chicken is a great source of protein that can be added to so many of my favorite meals along with difference seasonings and spices to allow for simple variations. Typically I will just change the base of my bowl from things like spinach salad, quinoa, brown rice, or roasted sweet potatoes before adding in some more veggies and protein.

simple make ahead lunch ideas for making prep easier #ad #TysonBetterChoices #SamsClub

At some point during the week, I’ll throw some fresh and pre-chopped veggies I grabbed in bulk from Sam’s Club for the best value onto a large baking sheet with simple seasonings to have on hand for lunch prep and even dinner. Tyson Grilled and Ready® Chicken is already pre-grilled which saves on prep-time. To mix things up, I will occasionally grab a Jimmy Dean Delights® English Muffin from the freezer to have at lunch time. Using egg whites and turkey sausage it’s already a better option than hitting up a fast-food joint on my lunch break and will still satisfy the craving.

simple make ahead lunch ideas for making prep easier #ad #TysonBetterChoices #SamsClub

7 Easy Lunch Ideas:

Lunch Option 1: Spinach Salad with chopped green apples, raisins, goat cheese crumbles, Tyson Grilled and Ready® Chicken

Lunch Option 2: Cauliflower Rice, spinach, grilled chicken

Lunch Option 3: Brown Rice, black beans, corn, diced chicken topped with salsa

Lunch Option 4: Quinoa, roasted broccoli, snap peas, diced chicken and soy sauce

Lunch Option 5: Jimmy Dean Delights® English Muffin with a side of fruit

Lunch Option 6: Roasted Sweet Potato topped with shredded chicken and blue cheese crumbles

Lunch Option 7: Kale Salad with Grilled Chicken, chopped strawberries, goat cheese, almond slices

4 Quick Breakfast Ideas:

Breakfast Option 1: Jimmy Dean Delights® English Muffin

Breakfast Option 2: Overnight Oats with pure organic maple syrup and raisins

Breakfast Option 3: Breakfast smoothie (chocolate protein powder, frozen banana, handful of spinach, almond milk)

Breakfast Option 4: 2 hard boiled eggs + side of berries

simple make ahead lunch ideas for making prep easier #ad #TysonBetterChoices #SamsClub

Buying in bulk from Sam’s Club and selecting Tyson® products allows for convenience and saving when creating better-for-you easy meal options. Life gets hectic, but I’ve learned that by making the right choices when grocery shopping, meals can be simplified, made in batches and ready for on-the-go busy weeks!