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Teacher Appreciation Photo Frame Craft

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The last few months at home have been challenging for many parents. Not only have our kids been home 24/7, but many have had to juggle working and helping their students with online virtual school. Our teachers have done so well making the students feel special and cared for that we wanted to show our appreciation now that our school year is over.

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One of the ways Isabella shows her love and appreciation is through crafting and drawing. She loves to make people happy with special pictures. With a snack in hand and a few art supplies she was able to create a special personalized gift we can send to her teacher.

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For the Heart Shaped Photo Frame:

  • Wooden heart craft frame
  • Recent photo of the student
  • Paints
  • Paint Brushes
  • Scissors

We laid out a piece of paper for her to paint her photo frame in her favorite colors. You can add glitter to the wet paint, gems, stickers, etc. After it was dry we cut out her photo to fit the frame and secured it inside. Of course, no gift is complete without a notecard!

We are so appreciative of our teachers and can’t wait to see them again! Visit to learn more about Quaker Kids Organic.