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The Unexpected Culprit

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A couple of weeks ago, my son started acting really strange. He was up crying all night and just wanted to be held. This was really unusual for him, but I chalked it up to teething. Well the following day he developed a fever and was still really clingy…again, still could be teething, right? The restlessness and fever continued throughout the weekend, so Monday morning we headed right into the doctor’s office. By this time his fever was gone (of course). The doctor checked him out and noticed his throat was red. She said she had seen a few cases of Hand, Foot, and Mouth in the past week and this could likely be the case here.

How on earth could he get that, I asked. He’s not in daycare. Who/what was the unexpected culprit? The pediatrician’s response was that these germs can be picked up during our everyday tasks and errands, with shopping carts being the absolute worst.

Sure we have a shopping cart cover… I use it? No. It’s huge and doesn’t fit in the diaper bag. I’m already loaded down with 2 kids, cups, snacks to fend off the tantrums, and a diaper bag. I literally can’t carry anything else in my 2 little arms.

The best solution I found was the four in one cover by Covered GoodsI had seen them before, but not being a nursing mom I didn’t think it was for me. Wrong. This cover is lightweight and folds down very small for easy storage in our diaper bag. My baby will never sit in another dirty shopping cart without this Covered Goods cover again!

Covered Goods


Carseat Cover – drapes easily over your infant carseat to shield from bright light and distractions

Shopping Cart Cover – the lightweight, stretchy fabric makes it easy to store in the diaper bag and drape over shopping carts in seconds

Nursing Cover – features a flexible neck allowing you to peek in at your baby or be worn under one arm. All over coverage alleviates the risk your baby will kick the cover out, flashing innocent by-standers 😉

Scarf – when not in use, it can be worn as an infinity scarf! Super cute!

classicblackstripe-coveredgoods-carseatcover_1024x1024classicblackstripe-coveredgoods-multiuse-nursingcover_1024x1024 newblackstripeedited_1024x1024

Covered Goods multi-use covers are available in a variety of prints and solids. Shop Covered Goods here.

Preventing the Spread of HFM

HFM is contagious and can spread through contact with feces, saliva, mucus from the nose, or fluid from the blisters.

  1. Hand wash after using the bathroom and diaper changes.
  2. Hand wash before preparing food.
  3. Disinfect toys every few days as viruses can remain live on objects.

Source: Kids Health

I’m so thankful Gabriel didn’t develop a severe case of HFM. Other than the fever for 2-3 days, he did develop a few red bumps on his legs and diaper area that cleared up after a few days. His appetite did decrease during this time, most likely due to the sore throat. Offering cold drinks and popsicles can help soothe their throats. We made some healthy fruitsicles with our Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicle molds. You can read all about them here.

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Wednesday 3rd of August 2016

I've seen these covers and they look so much better than the clunky one I have! Need to get one!

Nicole Banuelos

Wednesday 27th of July 2016

I love these multi use covers and just like you we use one every trip to the store now that we have experienced HFM. Not fun at all!

Plus, look how cute Gabriel looks in his!

Chelsea McKinney

Monday 25th of July 2016

Super cute cover! So glad Gabriel didn't have HFM!


Friday 22nd of July 2016

That is perfect and I hope that the little man feels better xoxo

Stephanie Gilbert

Friday 22nd of July 2016

Oh my word. This is genius! I didn't realize it was so versatile!

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