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I’m going to show my age here and say that I haven’t been to Magic Kingdom since my high school senior trip almost 16 years ago! It’s been my dream to take my kids and have them experience the magic and see their little faces light up at the sight of their favorite characters. Thanks to Disney World for helping make our wishes come true we were able to take a day trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom over the weekend. Seriously this was the best day ever! We went without a plan just letting the kids do what they wanted because honestly this was for them! (Although a little for me too 😉 ) I thought I would share some of the highlights and tips on what to do if you take your toddlers to Disney’s Magic Kingdom.


Some may say to arrive super early so that it’s not as hot or as crowded. However we live fairly close to the park and decided to leave our house right after lunch, allowing the kids to sneak in a nap on the way there. I really did want to experience a light show after dark and felt this was the only way my kids would make it.


The very first thing we did once entering the park was head straight into the Main Street Bakery where the kids selected their special treats. Be warned though…everything looks so good you may end up walking out with so many goodies!!

Disney's Magic Kingdom Trip for Toddlers, What to do in Magic Kingdom with Toddlers Disney's Magic Kingdom Trip for Toddlers, What to do in Magic Kingdom with Toddlers Disney's Magic Kingdom Trip for Toddlers, What to do in Magic Kingdom with Toddlers

The kids sat on the steps right outside the shop and enjoyed their goodies! My little guy chose the Mickey cookie while the princess picked a Mickey cake pop! So yummy!

We walked down Main Street for a bit and snapped some photos in front of the castle. Unfortunately it was the wrong time of day as the sun was blazing right into their eyes. It made for a really funny picture though!


I would say for toddlers around the 1-3 age range heading straight to Fantasyland would be your best bet. The rides and attractions are geared more towards this age. We went on the carousel and It’s a Small World which was the crowd favorite. Their little faces watched intently and lit up with excitement. My eyes literally filled up with emotion watching them enjoy themselves the way they were. It’s such a great feeling! I will warn you though that your kids may not want to get off the rides! Isabella had a meltdown after we got off It’s a Small World and the Dumbo ride! She just wasn’t done! LOL

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Had we been there longer than a half day I definitely would have made an appointment for Isabella at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! We’ll have to make another trip soon for that…maybe her 4th birthday!

Around 5pm we headed back to the castle area on Main Street to grab a spot for the Move it! Shake it! Dance & Play It! Street Party! The party was the highlight of the day so far!!! The kids had a blast dancing in the streets with their favorite Disney characters!

Disney's Magic Kingdom Trip for Toddlers, What to do in Magic Kingdom with Toddlers Disney's Magic Kingdom Trip for Toddlers, What to do in Magic Kingdom with Toddlers Disney's Magic Kingdom Trip for Toddlers, What to do in Magic Kingdom with Toddlers

After the party we hung out and let the kids walk around freely. For the most part they were either in the stroller or Lillebaby carrier since the park is just HUGE and the heat was taking a toll on them. We grabbed a few of the famous hot dogs from Casey’s Corner and found a spot to hang out in until the Frozen castle light show!

The light show was extraordinary!! Isabella was obsessed and Gabriel was getting sleepy LOL! Even through the firework booms he fell asleep in the carrier! All in all it was the perfect day and they really did a great job keeping it together!

Disney's Magic Kingdom Trip for Toddlers, What to do in Magic Kingdom with Toddlers


  • Even if your toddler doesn’t usually like to sit in a stroller I recommend bringing one. The park is HUGE and Florida is hot. They will most likely get tired. Another great option is a baby/toddler carrier like this Lillebaby carrier. We alternated the kids between the stroller and back-carrying in the Lillebaby.
  • You can bring snacks and drinks to the parks! This will help save some money.
  • Allow breaks and free time for the kids. I completely understand “getting your money’s worth”, but allow your kids to take it all in at their pace. It’s a magical experience that can’t be rushed!
  • Parents of babies and young toddlers, the Baby Care Centers are AMAZING! There’s feeding stations with highchairs, potties for little ones, a smaller room with books for relaxing, and another room with diaper changing stations.

Where to Stay

The parks are a couple hours away from us so occasionally we like to grab a room in the area instead of driving home late at night. Recently we stayed at the Holiday Inn Orlando SW – Celebration Area hotel. We were able to check in late with no problems and the staff was super friendly.

The pools are open late and it was our first time experiencing the baby wading poop area! The kids absolutely loved swimming around in the 6 inches of water. I think it reminded them of the bath. Ha! Afterwards we crashed in one of the large king sized, comfy beds. Come morning we stopped at the impressive complimentary breakfast buffet before heading out. When I say impressive, I mean better than any hotel breakfast I’ve seen! Whatever you wanted, they had it. We had friends stay there for several nights and only had good things to say about the hotel!

*Our room was not comped by any means. We just enjoyed our stay! 

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Chanel van Reenen

Tuesday 9th of May 2017

this post came at the perfect timing! we are taking the kids to Disney in February and I need ALLLLL the tips!

Eryka Spera

Tuesday 9th of May 2017

What a blast! I can't wait to take Izzy next year

Nicole Banuelos

Monday 8th of May 2017

These are great tips! We always bring our own snacks and water!

Jenna Andresen-Wodiske

Monday 8th of May 2017

We still want to do a family Disney trip, thank you for the advice!


Saturday 6th of May 2017

We went for the first time last year and definitely hope to go again. I am saving this one for that trip! Also, I'm still older than you. LOL.

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