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The Simplest Way to Transition Bookshelves to Fall

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Easily transition bookshelves from summer to fall with these simple bookshelf styling tips.

Over the weekend I decided to deep clean the bookshelves and completely clear them off in order to start fresh for the fall season.

Taking your bookshelf decor from summer to fall doesn’t have to cost very much at all. My favorite elements to include are natural colors found in the season; lots of warm tones.

I really love to decorate and switch up decor from room to room. This makes a space feel brand new!

Tip One: Start with Updating Frames

Once my books are layered in I like to arrange my frames. Swap out summer art prints for fall landscape art or your fall family portraits.

My favorite place to find beautiful printable art is Etsy.

etsy fall art prints

1. Rust Colored Fall Leaves Art Print, $4.50 // 2. Deep Purple Fall Watercolor, $4.99 // 3. Autumn Watercolor Leaf Print, $4.55 // 4. Modern Fall Floral Print, $4.99 (This is the print I chose.) // 5. Autumn Forest Printable, $5.84 // 6. Neutral Autumn Herb Watercolor, $4.99 // 7. Antique Botanical Print, $4.20 // 8. Orange Flower Bouquet, $6 // 9. Fall Leaf Print, $5

transition bookshelves to fall with framed artwork

Tip Two: Layer in Textures

Add in textures like baskets and decorative boxes. I like to use natural tone baskets on the bottom to anchor the shelves. Plus they’re great for hiding remotes and other controllers.

add warm textures like baskets to shelves for fall decor

Tip Three: Place Vases + Fall Stems

Vases and vessels are another great way to add texture to your shelves. Place larger vases on their own and stack smaller ones on top of a pile of books.

faux stems help transition bookshelves to fall

Add faux stems to vases or darker greenery. Stems like eucalyptus, sunflowers, marigolds, and hydrangeas in deep red, purple, yellow and reds are traditionally found during the autumn season.

favorite fall stems from Michaels

Tip Four: Fill in with Trinkets + Knick Knacks

Without overcrowding the shelves, add in your smaller little knick knacks and trinkets. Create height on top of books; add visual interest with textures and unique items.

Keep in mind your color scheme. If you’re doing fall neutrals, opt for warm tones of brown, cream, brass and gold accents.

transition bookshelves to fall

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simple ways to transition decor from summer to fall for bookshelves