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Taking a road trip with babies and toddlers doesn’t have to give you anxiety. Here’s what to bring on a road trip with toddlers to guarantee success and easy travel to your destination!

5 Tips for Traveling with Young Kids in Car Seats (featuring the Chicco NextFit Zip Convertible Car Seat - Tampa Lifestyle and Mom Blog, Crazy Life with Littles

Ah just thinking about taking a family road trip used to give me major anxiety. But I’m here to say, it’s actually not that bad!! We’ve taken the kids on a long car ride to visit family before and all lived to tell the tale. If you’re planning a spring or summer getaway with the fam, you will want to consider grabbing some (or all) of these items to bring on a road trip with your toddlers. (Bonus: if you’re a last minute planner, all of these are available with Amazon Prime!)

What to Bring on a Road Trip with Toddlers

What to Bring on a Road Trip with Babies and Toddlers - Tampa Lifestyle, Travel and Mom Blogger Crazy Life with Littles

Comfort is Key

Having a safe and comfortable car seat really does make all the difference in a toddlers ability to survive a long car ride. We love the Chicco NextFit Zip Convertible Car Seat. (You can read more about that here.) They come equipped with cup holders (essential) and a removable cover you’ll be thankful for once the trip is over.

Toddlers Snacks

Snacks for babies and toddlers are basically the key for success in any situation, traveling with your toddler will be no different. Just be sure to proceed with caution for younger children. You may need to plan for frequent snack breaks if they aren’t old enough to snack on their own. Keep snacks readily available and choose snacks that don’t contain a lot of sugar (bouncing out of their car seat) or salt (frequent potty breaks).

Favorite Snack + Drink Containers

Plenty of Activities

The best time to travel with toddlers in the car is when they’d normally be sleeping. While not always an option, it’s best to keep lots of activities on hand. We love taking along a small lap-sized cookie sheet for playing with playdoh, magnetic tiles, coloring, and stamping. I also LOVE this tablet for kids. The games and activities do not require internet usage and always keeps my kids entertained for a while.

Favorite Activities for Toddlers

Safety First

Always, always pack a first aid kit for your toddlers! It never fails, the kids will fall down or bump themselves while traveling. We created this easy, travel first aid kit that goes everywhere with us now!

Stay Organized

Organization is key for long car ride success. Having a crying or cranky toddler is enough to heighten anyone’s anxiety. Remain calm, keep your snacks and activities organized and everything will be OK!

Favorite Car Travel Organizers

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