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Feeling like you have zero time left in your work day to exercise? Here are some tips from one working mom to another to figure out when best to workout.

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Let’s face it. The hardest part about starting a workout routine as a working mom is finding the right time to schedule it in. Some days there just doesn’t seem to be any time left for yourself after doing all the mom things. 

I get it. Truly. I’ve developed some time saving tips that help out my working mom routine and allow more time for things that I need like working out.

When to Workout as a Working Mom

Most working moms have three different time windows where it may be possible to squeeze in a quick workout. 

  • mornings before work
  • lunch break
  • after the kids go to bed

For quite a while, I was the lunch break workout mom. That is until I started making excuses using my hour break to run kid-free errands. Doing anything kid-free usually trumps all else. 

So then I tried completing my workouts at night after the kids were in bed. Being almost 9p by the time they were asleep, I was almost asleep and I still had to pack lunches and get ready for the next day. Needless to say, this option did not work for me.

I was left with one last option on getting in a workout. Mornings before I went to work.  I fought this option hard. There had to be another way. I treasure my sleep.

Nothing before 8a is enjoyable. 

I need my coffee before joining the human population.


It’s been THREE weeks since I started attending a 5:30am bootcamp. That’s right. I actually get up at 5 am and LEAVE MY HOUSE. Guess what? It works and I love it! Never ever thought I would be saying that. My mornings actually go a little smoother getting myself ready for work and kids ready for school. There’s a lot less grump!

Working Mom Workout Tips for Success

Get to bed on time.

I thought this would be hard, but luckily it wasn’t. The only thing I was really giving up was mindlessly scrolling my Instagram feed and watching a few extra episodes of Friends. 

Share responsibilities.

I had to get my husband on board. Sharing responsibility in packing the kids lunches and putting the kids to bed was essential. Without this I probably wouldn’t be able to meet my bed time rule.

Set the alarm.

Don’t hit snooze. Just get up and go.

Pro Tip: Wear your workout clothes to bed and save even more time in the morning.

When to Workout as a Working Mom, tips for success when creating your workout schedule as a working mom - Crazy Life with Littles, Tampa Lifestyle and Mom Blog

Find something you love.

As I mentioned, I joined a primarily-woman bootcamp at the start of the year. Every day is a different workout. Every day I’m surrounded by women who encourage each other to keep going with smiles and a plethora of high-fives. If you love moving and shaking, try a zumba class. Just find something that makes it easier to get up and go to.

Another option is to find a friend that will motivate you, or find a class/gym (like Orange Theory) that charges you if you don’t show up. (Money motivators!)

Stop giving up. Stop starting over.

You can do this! With the tips above and determination you can find a workout schedule to fit your working mom routine!

Have any other great tips? Leave them in the comment section below!

When to Workout as a Working Mom, tips for success when creating your workout schedule as a working mom - Crazy Life with Littles, Tampa Lifestyle and Mom Blog